Abmessungen: 192x48(cm)
Abmessungen des abgebildeten Artikels. Andere Gr
Designer: Satyendra Pakhalé
Farbe: NELC
Farbe des abgebildeten Artikels. Andere Farben möglich.
Watt: 866
Serie: ADD ON
Hersteller: TUBES
Brutto-Verkaufspreis: 5331,20 €
Netto-Verkaufspreis: 4480,00 €
MwSt.-Betrag: 851,20 €

"In architecture radiators are present as technical components and, as such, are mostly neglected fromt the aesthetic standpoint, despite being among the most important products in the architectural system. So the first idea that came into my mind was to create a radiator with a large surface area for better heat supply. I also wanted to create a radiator that had the personality of an object, and that was also included among the furnischings as an elequent presence, albeit in a discreet guise.

I have devised a system based on a module developing in two directions thanks to four shaped sides that make it possible to "add on" other modules (hence the name "add-On") and thus create an infinite radiator."

Satyendra Pakhal